GOC Lab is a community focused on the exploration and innovation of blockchain governance models. Its vision is to provide the industry with governance models, methods, technologies, talents, best practices and continuous output based on community collaboration.


The full name of GOC is Governance Of Consensus, that is, blockchain consensus governance. We believe that the past blockchain only talks about consensus, and the future blockchain must talk about governance. Whether it is the public chain or the application chain, it is necessary to create a governance model in addition to the economic model through the theory, structure and tools of governance, as the second engine to drive the project and community.The economy is the basis of consensus and the motivation of consensus. Governance is the realization of consensus coordination and consensus.  

Who we are? We come from a variety of industries, in all areas, and the knowledge and interest in blockchain governance, make us come together and become a small and beautiful community. Our promoters include Yuandao, Meng Yan, Zhao Dawei, Hu Daoyuan, Shen Qing, Mao Yifeng, Ren Xin, Zheng Yushan, etc. Most of them are senior experts and practitioners in the blockchain industry, which also makes our community more professional and forward-looking goals. 

Why do you need GOC Lab?We can't just sit and talk. We need to provide more practice, combine theory, services, and tools to get more people involved and explore more options and futures for blockchain governance.GOC Lab is such a platform community that promotes innovative applications of blockchain governance. In this lab, content and applications related to blockchain governance are continuously exported.                                                                                                                       

The blockchain has created a new universe. Blockchain governance has created more economies in the new universe. We expect more people to join us and explore these new territories together to promote blockchain governance,productivity and drive. 



Chairman of Zhongguancun blockchain alliance

The chairman of the Zhongguancun blockchain alliance, the advocate of the Token economics, the thinker of the public chain economy, and the practitioner.

Meng Yan


 VP of CSDN, CEO of PDJ Education, translator of the Token  

Mao Yifeng

CEO of Financial Technology Group Bitmaga

Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology and Finance, Jiaotong University, CFA, CEO of Decentralized Financial Technology Group Bitmaga.  


Blockchain professor of FUDAN University

Ph.D. in Computer Science of Fudan University, Chief Technical Officer, in Information Office of Fudan University and Chief Expert of Blockchain Laboratory in Fudan University.  

Ren Xin

CEO of Biche &Yaofache

The Internet continuous entrepreneur veteran, CEO of Biche &Yaofache.  


Founder of YottaChain

Founder and chief scientist of YottaChain/Sursen Group, top international IT scientist, well-known Chinese entrepreneur.  

Zheng Yushan

Director of BitShares

Ph.D., M. Haigui, director of BitShares, executive director of the Graphene Blockchain Application Center, and founding partner of Water Drop Capital

Zhao Dawei

TokenX Community

TokenXTokenX Community Sponsor, President of the Consensus College。

Hu Daoyuan

Secretary-General of Blockchain Community

Master of Tsinghua University. Secretary-General of the Leading Distributed Collaborative Community in China's blockchain industry. Since 2012, he has continued to research and invest in the field of financial technology, and has experienced the complete industrial cycle of the technology industry. He has participated in the industry-leading book Digital Ecology. 

Zhao Wei

Fulbright Scholar

Ph.D. in Law and Economics, Fulbright Scholar, lawyer.She has more than 10 years of experience in the legal, financial and technology industries. She has worked for Citigroup and invested in a number of blockchains such as atomic capital, Cybex, and Bell Chain. Institutions, She has been legal counsel for listed companies, financial institutions.

Li Jinma

Founder of the Golden Horse Award

Programmer, blockchain practitioner.He founder of the Golden Horse Award brand, Golden Horse takes you to the blockchain chain community founder, Xiaona Capital founder.

Shen Qing

Accenture Consulting Specialist

Accenture Consulting Specialist, Early Crypto Currency Investor  




GOC Lab founder Yifeng Mao said at the CryptoFinance2018 EOS Global BP Summit that as a public chain based on the EOSIO system, GOC tries to solve and supplement the current EOS problem, and creates a “governance chain” that can be used.GOC is committed to: 1. Let everyone involved in the governance / system operation, and play the powerful blockchain feature of the dpos mechanism - efficient and secure. To this end, GOC has established the role of “governance node GN”. 2. The system governance function such as arbitration in is decided by GN voting on the chain, and the voting is rewarded, which is more transparent and efficient. 2018-11-21
On October 16th, GOC Lab and Gravity Blockchain established GOC Lab & GBC | Voice of Governance , which will go deep into the community, take root in ecology, pay close attention to the first dynamics of community members, gather the essence, and help the industry to develop.On a fixed time every Tuesday, GOC Lab & Gravity Blockchain Governance will follow the independent, neutral, and professional attitude, stand on the objective perspective of being responsible for the public, initiate governance discussion, and gather in the community within a week. Different sounds from community members  will be collected to promote the good autonomy of the public chain economy, and empower various application projects and public chain ecological participants. GOC Lab official website: 2018-10-30
On September 13, 2018, the first community governance seminar of GOC Lab was held in Shanghai. Participants included Shen Qing, Secretary General of GOC Lab Secretariat, founder of GOC Lab and founder Xin Ren, founder of GOC Lab and founder of EOSREAL Yifeng Mao, early donator of GOC Lab Hao Peng, and other GOC Lab enthusiasts and volunteers.Participants discussed in depth the importance of governance, the status quo and future direction of the industry, and the role and positioning of GOC Lab in the industry. We hope more people can really participate in the governance and return to the blockchain spirit. GOC Lab official website: 2018-10-30




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